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The task failed for the target device.

Hi Dell OME Community,

We have a handful of devices  that are returning the below error upon when OME attempts to inventory them.  Do these devices need to be added to a group or template in order for them to be scanned correctly?  I am actually surprised that they aren't because System Update appears to be listing the correct inventory.

Starting the configuration import on the target <servername> 
Credential set Description returned empty from device credentials ...
User name returned empty from device credentials ...
Password returned empty from device credentials ...

ERROR: Please check the Inventory Credentials for the target <servername> are set from wizard. Inventory Credentials are not found.
Credentials missing cannot connect to device.
Failed to initialize the protocol connection to the target <servername> 

Best and Thank you!


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Re: The task failed for the target device.

Hi, thanks for the query.

Configuration inventory task collects the server settings inventory only, and facilitates OME's configuration compliance feature. You need not worry about it if you are not using Configuration Compliance features provided under Manage -> Configuration tab. If you wish to use those features, you need to set up server credentials using Configuration Inventory Schedule wizard under the same tab.

This is unrelated to system update feature and there is not impact on the same. If you wish to disable this task, un-check Enable Configuration Inventory checkbox on second page of Configuration Inventory Schedule wizard and click finish.

Hope this helps!


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