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Core i7 980x Support for the 730x

Chris, I figured you would be the one who might be able to answer my question on this.

I'm considering an upgrade from my Core i7-920 to the Core i7-980x CPU. What I'm wanting to know is if the 1.0.5 BIOS will support the hexa-core CPU. It's an LGA1366 socket but I read on http://www.anandtech.com/show/2960 in the article dated 3/11/2010 that a BIOS update may be required for it to be fully compatible with the X58 chipset.

The XPS 730x FAQ shows support for the following processors so my question is will I have to try it out and see what happens, or would you happen to have any clue as to whether the 980x will be compatible or not? The Intel Hexa Core i7-980x boasts a speed of 3.33GHz with 12MB of L3 Cache.



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