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Dell XPS 8700 installing a mSata SSD?

I am trying to install a Samaung mSata 500GB drive as boot drive.  The SATA mode in the BIOS is AHCI.  When using Disk Manager, I can not see the mSata drive as an option.  

The mSata drive is in the mSATA slot (MSATA1) in the XPS 8700 and I can see it in the BIOS as a msata drive on the System Page only.

Thanks for your help.

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 installing a mSata SSD?

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 installing a mSata SSD?

Thanks, I was able to see the drive when I change the Bios SATA access to Raid, then I used the software from Samsung to clone the SSD mSata drive.    After that I disconnected the 1tb Hard Drive and when the system rebooted the SSD drive came up as the C: (boot) drive.

What I need to check next is if I reconnect the original Sata drive will the system still recognize the mSata SSD as the hard drive.

Also while the mSata drive is fast, it does not seem as fast as I thought it would be.   Does anyone have any suggestions about improving performance, update drives, Bios, etc.


Ernie Patterson

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 installing a mSata SSD?

1. Make recovery flash drive from computer - update dell back up and recovery application first.  This is factory setting in case something goes wrong etc.

2. Download 8.1 Windows Iso and burn it so u can use for clean install on new Msata drive

3. Connect Msata and Disconnect hd ( because I heard sell will what to install on the biggest drive available... So I'll only have the Msata plugged in)

4. Install from bios Windows 8.1 on Msata

5. Change boot order

6. Download drivers from dell (clean windows install won't have factory drivers installed in guessing?)

7. Format big hd


1. Does it matter how I format the big drive? I want to do it from the bios menu but don't know how. I want to do a proper wipe.  

      Do I do it from the bios? Or disk manager?

2. what do I have to change in the bios?  I want my Msata to be my boot drive. I really don't know the difference between ACHIEVE and the other options etc.

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