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Dell precision T3500 Temperature control/ fan speed settings?


I decided to spice up the old T3500 we had here with an X5640 cpu in stead of the original 3504!

It works, but under full load its getting rather hot.

Using real temp i see temperature differences to tjmax decreasing to about 8°C corresponding to an increasing absolute temperature of  92°C. Then i got scared and turned of the prime95 test.

Looking at the temperature monitoring graph the temp-s were not reallz converging yet, and would have incresed for a bit more.

We used artic silver thermal compound, and also the sink is getting really hot, so i dont think its a problem with the cpu-cooler mounting, we got these cpu-s in some other systems (HP Z600, and some self build systems with supermicro boards and coolers) , in all of those systems they need quite a bit of airflow, to keep  them under 80°C.

This little old t3500 however remains as silent as ever.

I also already dissabled Intel® Turbo Boost Technologie, but still it runns hot at stock speed.

I was always happy with the silent cooling and thermal control, with the stock cpu but now i like to make it a bit less quite and a bit more cool, but i couldn find any temperature control or fan speed managment in the Bios.

Is there any way to contol the thermal managment, speed up the fans?

It was also the first time i saw an lga1366 socket with these funny custom cooler connection.

Are there any other coolers available for the T3500?

the X5650 chip has a tdp of 95W but there are people running them with W56xx chips with TDP's of 130W. so it should be possible, to runn this guy.

Any help would be apreciated!

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RE: Dell precision T3500 Temperature control/ fan speed settings?

Its entirely possible that your arctic silver compound is fake. (It should look Black and Test for silver)

The chemical test is obtained from Jewelry store supplier.

You may need to remove the heatsink and clean the cpu and heatsink completely.

Lapping or polishing the heatsink where it contacts the cpu can also help.

Adding a Fan that sucks air and vents out the back via the Slots can help.


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RE: Dell precision T3500 Temperature control/ fan speed settings?

Hi Thanks for your reaction,

Well although in italy you can never be sure on anything, i pretty much trust the genuity of the thermal compound. We save money on everyting except on that, so we bought it at a respectable reseller, and not from ebay.  It looks how it should look, Also it works good in the other systems were we applied it. But to have a silver test, is not a bad idea, if its not to expensive.

It turns out that there are 2 different heatsinks for the T3500

and unfortiunatly i have the "cheap" alu one, and for this cpu i guess i should have the copperheatpiped one.  Those things are prety expensive. We got the X5650 for 50 Euro from ebay, it was really a bargain, and i am some how not really prepared to pay the same price just for a heatsink.

As a temporarz solution, now i just jused the windows max cpu setting, in the power managment to trottle it down to 80% then it keeps a "save" 15-20°C distance to tmax. We need it for overnight runns.

Running it with the handbreak on is not what i intended.

Some people have the problem, that their fan spinns to much, so another way would be to replicate that problem, by grounding the right wires, to speed up the fans but all of that seems a bit adventureous to figure it out myself, for the time i have to spend. So for now i trust on the windows throttling, and im hoping for a suggestion, from someone that could help me to speed up the stock fans, to see what i can reach with that. But i need to achieve quite some effect, looking at the curves, i think it would easily hit tj max, i would like them down about 15/20 deg celcius. So i am actually thinking about your suggestion, to add an additional fan somewhere close to the heatsink, and an outlet van for the case.

I was really a bit dissapointed, that there is no way to to speed up the fans in the BIOS.

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RE: Dell precision T3500 Temperature control/ fan speed settings?

You can buy a special heatsink on ebay that is a Dell original heatsink with a special fan mounted on it.  You might be able to mod your own heatsink.  Go to ebay and do a search for: T3500 Super Heatsink

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