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FX170 Windows Error "Chime"

Hello, Please excuse any n00b faux pas as this is my first time posting. We have several FX170 thin clients that have an annoying Windows Error Chime that we can't turn off. The clients have Win7 embedded. We've made several attempts to get the sound to stop and some of them work for a day, but then start again. (yes, we've disabled fbwf). We are uncertain as to what is causing this windows error. We've tried to disable all system sounds, increase the size of virtual memory (thinking this may be the cause) as well as disabled Windows Resource Exhaustion Detection and Resolution in the GPO. We've been using one thin client as a guinea pig and figure we can reimage if we completely hose it up. Any suggestions on why we are getting this chime or how to permanently disable it?
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RE: FX170 Windows Error "Chime"

Is it the sound you normally hear when disconnecting a USB device or something different?

If you open Windows Action Center do you see any new messages? And what about in Windows Event Viewer around the time of a chime?

Could this be a notice of new incoming email or a new SMS?



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