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Inspiring 3650 gpu upgrade for gaming

I bought this rig from Walmart last week because my older computer that

I had was on the fritz. The graphics card and ram I was using in my old rig apparently would not work

In the new one because of dell's miniaturized power supply. After much searching I managed to figure out how

To upgrade to a new graphics card with an external power supply. I'm posting my findings here for anyone

Having the same problen.

What you'll need:

External power supply, either buy one that is ready to go or make one from an old pc

Graphics card, I'm using a Radeon 460 4gb

Paper clip

Electrical tape.

If you buy a ready to go power supply you just need to install the gpu and plug it in to the supply. Make sure you turn on the new power supply before the pc

If you go with a supply from an older pc use the paper clip and connect the green wire to a black wire on the 24 pin connector. This allows the power supply to turn on when you plug it in. Make sure and tape it up good to avoid shorting something out. What I did was bolted the new supply to the top of the computer case and cut a

Hole in the removable side panel for the wires. Plug in the 6 pin connector to the gpu, turn the new power supply on first then the pc and happy gaming.

I'm happily playing dragon age inquisition on very high settings with 0 lag

Hopen this helps someone

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