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Installed new DVD drive on Dimension 5150 set-up error

Looking for knowledge:  I've replaced the original DVD burner that came with my Dimension 5150 desktop. That was a Phillips IDE 16X DVD +-RW. I searched and found a HPDVD1135I. This is also an IDE drive.

With confidence, I opened the computer case removed the old drive which was trashed when a disk disintegrated inside it; removed the old drive, and plugged the new drive into the same plugs.  When I boot the machine up, I get the error message:  Drive 2 not found: Parallel ATA PATA-0 (PRI IDE MASTER)

I've looked at the drives section of the set-up screen.  Drive 2 provides the following controller and rive details:

Controller details:  Controller = Parallel ATA; Port = PATA-0 (PRI IDE Master)

Drive details:  Drive ID = Unkown

If I choose to ignore the message and continue  into XP, I can at least listen to a CD on the drive.  I haven't tried burning.


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Re: Installed new DVD drive on Dimension 5150 set-up error

I have an E510 which is the US version of the 5150.

If you did not set the drive device type for "Cable Select" that is probably the problem.  There is a jumper on the rear of the drive for device type (Master, Slave or Cable Select) and should be set to Cable Select.

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Re: Installed new DVD drive on Dimension 5150 set-up error

This was an excellent post. Thank you fireberd (interesting spelling)  It worked like a charm. 

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