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Missing folders after reformat

As instructed by tech support,(due to software conflict probs) I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Win98se using the recovery disk of my new 4100 p733 128ram. When I first got this system, there was a Dell folder on the desktop, that had some service code info, and some bookmarks. Also some internet bookmarks in "Favorites" If I can get these back it would be great. Are they on my resource cd? recovery cd? or are they gone forever? No biggie if they are.....just curious.....Brad
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Unless you made backups of the Dell stuff (like I was supposed to do when I got mine, but didn't have sufficient media handy), and unless you backed up your Favorites, as well as your other documents, as of the format, they are indeed gone forever.

I'm not sure if you can get the Dell related stuff back...I was told at the time of one of several McAfee induced formats that this was not possible, but perhaps something has come along since last September to make such a thing possible now.

Good Luck!

Shortcut to DellT@lk users FAQ Web Site. Will open in a new window.

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I figured as much. Thanks anyways.
Btw what is a .ram file? I tried opening your "pethair" program, but my system wouldn't open it. I don't have office reinstalled yet either though.......Brad
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