Optiplex 755 and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Just in case anyone is wondering, the 755 works with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, both 32 and 64 bit.

The current configuration is 6 gig memory.

The only deficiency, and it has nothing to do with Windows 10 and is not a deficiency for most, is that the DTR and RTS lines are locked on and can not be controlled on the onboard serial port.

This only matters since I use them in an amateur radio application where they control a transmitter.

The workaround is a FTDI USB serial port which works just fine and which costs $15 at electronic distributors like Mouser and Digikey. 

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RE: Optiplex 755 and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

We got about 6 of them running in the lab they have AMD HD5450 cards and 4 GB of RAM.

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RE: Optiplex 755 and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Mine updates attempts are not working.  I have tried for a while and several time without any resolutions.  Called MS couple of time for help but the last conversation is that it is Dell problem since they have not release the driver.  It went thru almost to the end with black screen and running circle on the bottom and just stay there for overnight until I have to power down and attempt again with the same black screen and the reboot then back to previous version 1511.   If you have any step, please share the light.  Thank you.  

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