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Precision Workstation T3500, compatible video cards?


I have a T3500 - 09KPNV motherboard, 12 GB DDR3 RAM and Intel Xeon 2.67 - 6 cores 2 threads.

The video i had was FX 1800 and i bouth a GTX 660 - DC20CPH and from what i think i should work on this motherboard, am i wrong? It detects de video but don't run it correctly...could you please advice or provide a list of compatibiliyu of video for it?

Thank you!

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RE: Video compatibility of T3500 - 09KPNV motherboard

Dell did not test any of the Consumer GeForce or AMD video cards on the Precision Workstation T3500. We tested the following Workstation video cards =

CJ9FJ AMD FirePro V7900
5DRVJ AMD FirePro V5900
0X31G AMD FirePro V4800
7CJHP AMD FirePro MV2260

YMYKM Nvidia Quadro 5000
731Y3, 38XNM, 6WTYT Nvidia Quadro 4000
X9YDW Nvidia Quadro FX3800
8MDMW Nvidia Quadro 2000
5YGHK Nvidia Quadro 600
K722J Nvidia Quadro NVS420
X175K Nvidia Quadro NVS295

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RE: Precision Workstation T3500, compatible video cards?

EVGA GTX 960 works fine so yes both of those work.  HOWEVER legacy cards DO NOT RUN with the latest drivers.


In older dells like Precision T3400/T3500 BIOS A09  I've used an EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0+ 2GB GDDR5 128bit,  02G-P4-2966-KR




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