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Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB installation

I did an upgrade to my system going from XP to Vista. When it came time to reinstall the Audigy Advanced MB software from the Dell supplied CD, it has been a no go. Everything seems to work until it's time to enter in the activation code.  It seems the install sends you tothe Creative website and when the "activation code" is entered in, it will not accept it saying it's invalid.


I spent several hours on the phone with Dell tech support today and they cannot fix it. They advised me to contact Creative. Well, I tried calling the phone number on the dialog box where the code was rejected and all that happens is the phone message says to go to the website and there are no other options.


Okay, I go to the website and I can't find anyway to contact their Tech Support. emoticon.Angry.title


Has anyone else run into this and if so, how did you resolve it? All I know is I won't now go out of my way to ever purchase a Creative anything. They used to be good, but something radical has happened to them.

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Re: Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB installation

Although it's a Creative product, it's strictly an OEM software product that OEM PC Vendors such as Dell sell.  The PC vendors, such as Dell, buy it from Creative and that is end of Creative's involvement.  Thus Dell is the one you need to deal with on this.  You should have received the CD in an envelope with the product key (activation code) on it (what others report) so if you lost the product key, again from other posts Dell will not or cannot help you - it's gone.

On optional (at extra cost) software, you have the first 30 days to resolve any missing software or software product codes, after that Dell will not do anything - there is a long history of this on this forum, especially with Microsoft Office.

The Audigy Advanced MB software is a software enhancement to the basic Integrated Audio chip, and in most cases it's not really needed, anyway.

Sorry I can't offer you a more postive response or fix.


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