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T5400 XP x64 Disappearing/Reappearing Files



Files located on the hard drive disappear/reappear in Windows Explorer.


Example: I have 2 Excel files in a directory, when I open Windows explorer only one is visible. When I search the directory, it shows 2.

Windows is up to date with all updates installed.

Nvidia FX1700 has latest Nvidia driver installed:

Quadro FX 1700

ForceWare version:169.47

Memory: 512 MB

Video BIOS version:


Anyone else have this issue?



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Re: T5400 XP x64 Disappearing/Reappearing Files


List all the software and/or hardware changes made to the system right before this issue arose.



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Re: T5400 XP x64 Disappearing/Reappearing Files



I found the problem. The user had copied the exact directory structure to a new location and I didn't pay attention to the full path. Like this:


C:\Scratch\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\... for one location

C:\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\...              for the other location


He was looking in one on the deeper directories for his files, so it kind of looked like the same place.


Duh on me for not noticing 😞

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