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So this may be the wrong place for this discussion and if so, please direct me to where I need to go....

I am a veterinarian and I recently purchased a bluetooth anesthetic monitor that runs through one of my Dell desktops.  It is an amazing device as I can monitor many vitals from anywhere within 200 feet of the desktop.  I am trying to feed this to two area in my hospital (that will be seen on 42" HD tv's).  The desktop only has a VGA input...so my questions are as follows...

1.  How do I get all three to function simultaneously (the computer monitor and the two tv's)....

do they make a vga splitter (one output from the tower and then one I can plug into the computer monitor and another that I can then run a  vga to hdmi component ...from there I would need an hdmi splitter to run to each TV)....if I can do this, will there be a great amount of lag time???

2. Would there be an easier/cheaper way???  ie...buy a new laptop or desktop with different outputs as none of the computers I currently own have HDMI outputs or two vga outputs...

Any help would be appreciated as I have searched the internet for the perfect option but have come up with squat!!!

Thanks in advance,

Dr. G

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The whole setup will be expensive.

There are VGA to Cat5 extenders and there are VGA one to many amplifiers.






The VOPEX® VGA Video Splitter/Extender simultaneously broadcasts ±high-resolution video from one computer to 4, 8, or 16 remote monitors located up to 600 feet away using CAT5/5e/6 cable. Optional audio functionality using self-powered stereo speakers enhances presentations.

The VOPEX VGA video splitter/extender system has two components: the VOPEX-C5V-xC VGA broadcast unit, which connects to the host computer and also supplies video to a local monitor, and an XTENDEX® ST-C5V-R-600 remote unit for each remote monitor. The units are interconnected by CAT5/5e/6 cable.

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I suggest you verify that your video out is only VGA.  If your PC is on the old side, could be.  Taking a 1024x768 video and putting it on a 1980x monitor (a 42 incher should be capable of Hi Def) could create distortions in the video, and medical/vet professions like to view accurate displays.

If you do have only VGA out, consider upgrading your video card to one that has the horses to drive the two monitors at their best resolution, so you get good data.  Do not buy el cheapo stuff, mid range will do fine.

Also, on the cable, if  you can buy better stuff here also.  Low end cat5e will work, but if there is a lot of stray emissions, you could get artifacts.  Better shielding usually means fewer artifacts.


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