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built in webcam XPS one desktop problems

i  have purchased a XPS one desk top and cant get the built in webcam to work with the windows live messenger.

i called dell and they wanted me to pay to have someone from the SOFTWEAR  team to assist..

they say there is a conflict between dell softwear the microsoft softwear??

i called microsoft and they say they are not aware of any problems..

i seen on the forum that some people have the same problems??

has anyone got any ideas for a work around..

i have tryed installing a stand alone webcam but the computer keeps finding the dell built in webcam..

anyone any suggestions..




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Re: built in webcam XPS one desktop problems

I am having the SAME issue and have for some time, and all the attempted work arounds have not worked.  Even installing another web cam does not seem to work since the built in one seems to control others...and NONE work.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the webcam to work on this XPS one?

Hello Dell, any help?



Dave Willis

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