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problem installing an SSD onto Studio XPS 8100

I was told that installing an SSD was easy!!. I have bought a Crucial MX200 256gb so that I can have the OS on that and use the HDD for data. I have used the DVD windows 7 (that shipped in late 2009 with my Studio 8100 so it is not Windows 7.1) to clean install on the SSD and after virtually finishing the install it stops and says "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer hardware". I have also tried to clone the drive from my HHD using acronis but once it has "successfully" cloned it and I start windows on the SSD it gives blue screen saying basically 'take the SSD out I don't like it!". Experts like you will know the desktop has only 2 options in the BIOS for either IDE or RAID and I'm sure that is the problem??? Where is the third option ACHD (or whatever it is called?). I cannot find this discussion on the forum and yet I cannot be the first one to have this problem, surely?

If there is not an easy solution then if I wait until I download Windows 10, will I then be able to 'clone' or clean install onto the SSD? Thankyou: I wait with eager expectation. I have never used this forum before (or any forum for that matter!)


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Since you are using old installation media you will likely need to load SATA drivers during the Windows setup:

Due to there being over >200 updates for you to reinstall. At this stage I would recommend you to use your hard drive until the 29th of July. On the 29th of July you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 via Windows Update. I demonstrate the procedure as a Windows 10 Insider (Windows Insiders got the RTM on the 16th of July):

After your device is upgraded to Windows 10 you may follow my instructions to make a recovery drive. You may then install your SSD and the clean reinstall Windows 10 on your system:

Windows 10 installation media will be from 2015 and not 2009 so will have all the necessary SATA drivers inbuilt. P.S. use RAID when you clean install and not IDE.

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