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when Cooling fan is on computer hangs up or freezes

I have had this Optiplex gx620 for over a year now and from day one, whenever the cooling fan comes on (which is quite loud I might add.) the computer slows down tremendously or hangs or freezes. I really don't even know why I've put up with it this long except that I'm too poor to replace it. Just wondering if any body elese has this problem or if there is anything I can do about it.. Thanks anybody who replies. 

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Re: when Cooling fan is on computer hangs up or freezes

It may mean the CPU is overheating and throttling back to reduce heat, which is what's causing that fan to go crazy. Make sure any other fans are working.

Check that the heatsink is properly secured in place either by retention clips or screws, depending on the design used for this model.

You may need to remove the heatsink, clean both surfaces, apply SMALL amount of fresh thermal paste (eg Arctic Silver) and reinstall the heatsink.  Review the manual for instructions to remove and reinstall the heatsink. Keep in mind that it may be hot! if the PC has been on even for a short time.

And you shouldn't need to remove the CPU from its socket, but be careful removing the heatsink so you don't accidentally unseat the CPU.


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