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Can you guess the #1 challenge of Storage Managers?

I tweeted this question today during the EMC Live Webcast: Solving the Information Storage Challenge


I got some interesting answers....

Unfortunately, none of these answers are correct. The number one challenge of storage managers is........................ managing storage growth!!!

The presentation today was really great, especially if you have based your career in storage. The presenters started by talking about the IDC digital universe study, and talked about how much data there is out there to be managed.

Next the presenters discussed the Managing Storage: Trends, Challenges, and Options 2010-2011 study. This is an annual study that EMC Education does, it is now in its 4th year. We survey IT and storage managers and professionals to get an idea of the state of our industry. One thing the study gathers data on are the challenges storage managers face. And the number one challenge on the list is managing storage growth - which makes sense if there is an explosion of digital data.

I tried to live tweet, but my wireless connection flaked out on me. Check out the @EMCEducation twitter account for what I was able to tweet. We'll update this page with a link to the recording of the session as soon as we have it. You can read all of the studies for yourself - access them from this page.

For the record, my favorite response was from @SEPATONJay.

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Re: Can you guess the #1 challenge of Storage Managers?

Hi Gina,

This is the simplest question that anybody could have answered. When i started my Storage career during my college days, i read it the first challenge in Storage that every1 faces, Reference- ISM book that was earlier published with STF name.


Randeep Singh


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Re: Can you guess the #1 challenge of Storage Managers?

See recent summary of IDC Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, 2010, titled "The Digital Universe in India" and its key initiatives to address customer challenges associated with the digital information deluge.

The digital information explosion will create significant challenges for India’s CIOs and IT managers for two reasons. First, enterprises have responsibility for the storage, protection and management of 80 per cent of the digital universe’s data, and this liability will only increase as social networking and Web 2.0 technologies continue to impact the enterprise. Second, while digital information will grow 60-fold, enterprise investments in IT and staffing will grow only in single digits. The cumulative effect is driving CIOs to transform traditional infrastructures into private cloud data centers that offer internal and external customers IT as a service,” Manoj Chugh, President, EMC India and SAARC and Director of Global Accounts for EMC Asia Pacific & Japan.

Read more: http://dqchannels.ciol.com/content/reselleralert/110090906.asp

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