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Using Open Data to Predict Market Movements

As companies progress on their digital transformation journeys, technology becomes a strategic business decision. In this realm, consulting firms such as Gartner exert tremendous influence on technology purchasing decisions. The ability of these firms to predict the movement of market players provide vendors with competitive benefits.

In this Knowledge Sharing article – awarded Best of Big Data in the 2018 Knowledge Sharing Competition – Nelson Jiao, Ravinder Singh, Marina Levina, and Asha Saini explore how the archive of billions of web pages, captured monthly since 2008 and available for free analysis on AWS, can be used to mimic and predict IT trends reflected in industry-standard consulting reports.

Three potential use cases are examined that demonstrate how analyst press coverage of a company/product correlated to the market movement observed. The crux of the article focuses on the three use cases that best provide evidence of this correlation.

There could be opportunity in this process to apply machine learning to tune the models and to self-learn so they can optimize automatically. Having an automated tool that can analyze across a wide range of topics to help us quickly understand major trends across today’s landscape and plan for those to come would be invaluable to many organizations.

Read the full article here.

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