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EqualLogic PSSeries Firmware Updates - Disk Firmware Storage

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My environment has quite a number of different EqualLogic SANs in it that are all behind on their firmware, about 3 or 4 versions behind. We know they need to be updated as we are getting alerts letting us know that our Disk Drive Firmware also needs to be updated.


Dell Storage Update Manager does not let you know what version of Disk firmware is needed until you have updated the EqualLogic firmware. At least one of the EqualLogics is at version 7.0.10, the rest are at 8.1.1, the current version of Disk firmware we have, I believe, is TE0A.


Is anyone able to tell me what version disk firmware is needed for all the EqualLogic updates, 8.1.13, 9.0.9, 9.1.4, and 10.0.1, or if my disk firmware does not need to be updated at all? Also, if the disk firmware will need to be updated, how much storage capacity is needed on each EqualLogic to enable the Disk Drive firmware upgrade?




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Re: EqualLogic PSSeries Firmware Updates - Disk Firmware Sto


 This appears to be a duplicate of this question.




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