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How to add a second used EQL into the group?

We have 3 EQLs at different sites running isolated. Recently we have retired one site and have shifted the EQL at that site back to HQ. How do we join it into our existing group while retaining all it's existing data inside?

btw, what is the pros and cons of joining it as a group vs running two EQLs as isolated SAN storage?

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Re: How to add a second used EQL into the group?

If you want to save the data on the one you want to move, you basically have two options-  Either back it up somewhere, (you could replicate it back to the existing HQ EQL group if there is sufficient space), or physically move the SAN back to HQ without joining it to the existing group.  We have a site that has multiple groups in the same subnet, it's not really an issue.

When you join a member to an existing group, the array must be reset first I believe, which will wipe all the data.

Also its required for support to have all members in a group running the same firmware version, and also to be under a valid contract.  So if this other one is older/used, I would not join it to the existing group.

Hope it helps!

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Re: How to add a second used EQL into the group?


 The previous reply is correct.  You can not merge existing groups.  You would have to backup and reset any member you want to add to the existing group.  And the firmware would have be the same or at least compatible in order to be added.  Then you can upgrade it to match the others.

 Running them standalone works fine.  The benefits of adding them to the group are easier management and they can be put into the same pool and increase performance along with more space.

 It's also true that you can't run non-contract arrays with arrays that are under contract in the same group.




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