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PS4000 using 9.1.6 Firmware

What alerts will show up in the group manager GUI if you install  9.1.6 Firmware on a PS4000 Array? Will these alerts reoccur every time you log into Group Manager or is this just once after the Installation? I saw the below passage in the 9.1.6 release notes:


PS4000 Array Retirement

The v9.1.x firmware releases are the last firmware updates supported on PS4000 arrays with Type 8 (magenta label) controllers. Firmware version 9.1 will load on this array, but will generate an alert in the Group Manager GUI.


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Re: PS4000 using 9.1.6 Firmware


 I believe the alert will remain.   Since administrators may change over time.  Firmware 10.0 is now out, but not compatible with the PS4000. 



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