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Raid status reconstructing

Hi Everyone,

i have 70-0450 SAN with 13disk 1 spare, now one of my disk crashed and its offline now.

now its more than 24 hour that my raid status is on reconstructing mode,

i wanna know i have to wait till this proccess will be end then change offline disk with new one or not?

and what was doing recunstructing

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Re: Raid status reconstructing


 You can replace the offline/failed drive at any time.  The data is being reconstructed on to the spare drive. 

At the CLI you can run:

GrpName>member select MEMBERNAME show 

Where MEMBERNAME is the name the array that's rebuilding. 

E.g. I have a member named:  PS6210E

GrpName>member select PS6210E show
_____________________________ Member Information ______________________________
Name: PS6210E Status: online
TotalSpace: 33.74TB UsedSpace: 817.56GB
SnapSpace: 1.57GB Description:
Def-Gateway: Serial-Number:
Disks: 24 CN-04FMJV-70821-34A-07GR-A00
Spares: 1 Controllers: 2
CacheMode: write-back Connections: 162
RaidStatus: ok RaidPercentage: 0.000%

The RaidPercentage will show you the rebuild percentage.

The 70-0450  part number is for the controller, a Type 11.  You might want to use the Array model number instead.  E.g. PS6100E, or X, or XV.   Makes is easier to identify model and drive types when asking for help. 



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