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Develop Essential Skills from Analytical Methods and Techniques to AI/ML Phases and Software Frameworks.

AI touches almost every aspect of our daily lives. AI has gone from the lab to real-world use cases in healthcare, farming, the public and private sector, and education, among others. Most importantly, AI has become a key pillar of any enterprise digital transformation strategy. Organizations across industries are applying AI to derive deeper insights and make better, faster decisions to distinguish themselves from the competition. Today, companies are at different stages with varying levels of maturity in their adoption and implementation of AI and we’ll likely only see the gaps between organizations grow in the coming years. We have created these courses with the goal of helping users become experts in data analytics and innovation while addressing the gap in AI and data literacy skills. 

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Thank you

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Dear Dell ,


can you please give a name to your AI with enable audio features . it is too good for use otherwise it is ok 

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