1TB becomes much less?!?! - Inspiron 15R N5110

Hi All,

Just bought an Inspiron 15R N5110 laptop which was supposed to have 1TB of Hard Drive (it has i7 processor with 8GB RAM).  But when I activated it, it only has 916GB of Hard Drive space available in total!!  (including the partition for back-up and pre-installed Office suite...etc.)

Is that normal?!?  I've read on some on-line forum that retailers tend to use a base-10 measurement (e.g. 1000MB = 1GB, 1000GB = 1TB) but space is actually base-2, so some disk-spaces are "lost" with this conversion.  But this shouldn't be a 84GB difference should it???  I mean, I've still got an old desk-top computer with only 80GB Hard Drive space in total!

Have I been ripped-off???  If someone could enlighten me, that'd be great.


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Re: 1TB becomes much less?!?! - Inspiron 15R N5110

It is normal - all  hard drive makers quote gigs in decimal;  the OS counts in binary.  That means you get 93% of the stated capacity (or about 930 GBytes for a 1000G drive).

There are a couple of hidden partitions on the drive that contain the recovery and diagnostic software - those total about 14G so you have what you see, free.

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Re: 1TB becomes much less?!?! - Inspiron 15R N5110

In support of  "ejn63" a simple calculation.I am not a mathematician so recalculate if in doubt.Just got curious and wanted to know it myself.....

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Re: 1TB becomes much less?!?! - Inspiron 15R N5110

This is completely normal, my 1TB is 927GB. You lose less on smaller hard drives because it is a percentage loss. For example a 100GB drive would be about 91-93GB.

Hope that clarifies things


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