2006 Inspiron E1505 Laptop

This is an older sys...current specs :  CPU : T2300E 1.66, 2M ; Win XP SP3 ; 1GB RAM. My question is : Do I need to upgrade the BIOS. It works fine  (it belongs to my Daughter) since I restored it to "as shipped"  condition. The 80GB hdd was almost 80% full when she brought it to me-she said it was frozen !  I just want to make it as smooth as possible before I return it to her. The current BIOS is A09 and I found an upgrade to A17 but Im pretty sure its not necessary-I just want to be sure. I know I could install a larger harddrive and another gig of RAM for starters. New laptops are so inexpensive I just hate to throw  $200 plus after this laptop (I just HAD TO install a new battery at  $155 ) when a new , better one can be bought for less that $500 !

                   So , about that BIOS upgrade ?  Thanks for your help....its appreciated ,


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