Lat E6400 LCD screen is dim/dark

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i have a Latitude E6400 with Vista. when i boot up, i can see the bios and the status bar running. as soon as it boot to window, the screen goes dark/dim. i still can see it but it's very very light. it doesn't matter if it's on battery or AC. it's fine when i plug in an external monitor. i've tried doing fn key and up arrow but that was useless. could the backlit feature on the lcd screen is dead? any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Re: Lat E6400 LCD screen is dim/dark

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I am facing the exact same problem with my studio 1555 laptop. My online research so far tell me that most likely it is the inverter that is bad.

The fact that there is very faint picture indicates that the screen is probably ok.

One possible culprit is the switch on hinge that turn off the screen when folded down. If that is working when you fold down and open up on the external display, my guess is that switch is probably ok.

The third possibility is the backlight ccfl lamp. What I am typically finding people reporting is that the screen starts to turn red tinge before the ccfl lamp goes out. If we are not facing that then the lamp should be probably ok.

I am going to order a new inverter board and replace it and pray with my finger crossed.


RE: Lat E6400 LCD screen is dim/dark

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 i have dell latitude e6400 and there is a problem in sreen it shwos dark sreen dim and full please help me

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