Latitude D520 video resolution issues

HI there - I have an existing case with Dell support regarding the fact that my D520 won't support anything higher than 1024 x 768 resolution with my Planar 19" model (PL1910M-BK).  We're using Win xp pro sp2.  You see i got one of our employees this new D520 model...he previously used the D505 ...and used it with this same Planar model and was able to correct resolution to 1280 x 1024 just fine...which was his desired resolution.  But now, with the D520, the only options for resolution is either 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600...in both the windows display properties settings or the more detailed intel accelerated media graphics properties.  For troubleshooting, i hooked up a NEC 19" accuscan model to the d520 and the resolution works properly...i can get 1280 x 1024 and even up to 1900 x something.  Dell has this in the case notes and they told me there really isn't anything they or i can do until maybe an updated driver comes out.  They told me to keep watching for updated video driver.  This is very frustrating considering we now can't get the proper resolution with this 19" monitor that always used to work fine with the D505 model.  I told Dell this and they said they really couldn't do anything...they just said that it's a diff't video chip and it's just not compatible with this 19" planar monitor anymore...but it is with this other NEC 19" model (which someone else is using by the way...so i can't just give the NEC to this person to get problem solved). Has anyone ran into this issue?  If a moderator is reading this, can something be done to get a new driver out there for all of us with this issue?  This is very frustrating! I understand the D520 is a newer model and there's always issues with newer models of everything, but Planar LCDs are pretty common and i'm sure many of us would appreciate a fix for this...and fast.  Thank you!
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Re: Latitude D520 video resolution issues

I am having almost the same issue with a Samsung 910T and the D520. I can sometimes hit the right combo of settings/key strokes and have my monitor display at 1280x1024 but once it "goes" it seems I have to turn of the monitor and the laptop - UNPLUG the monitor and undock the laptop and maybe if I am lucky I can boot to the monitor and have it be 1280x1024. Also if I right click and choose the Intel media options - if I set the monitor to 1280x1024 it will be a blank display. I also use a d port replicator if that makes any difference (can't see that yet). Where are you on the lookout for the new driver - from a DELL site or from the INTEL site? Cheers, Morgan
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Edwin Faier

Re: Latitude D520 video resolution issues

I have the same problem with my Dell D520, using a Dell P991 (19") monitor and when using the docking station, whereby the only display settings that are available are 800x600 and 1024x768.
Although I have not yet found an automated solution, the only way I can get the resolution higher is the following:
1] Undock computer using "Undock Computer" in Start Menu and remove laptop from docking station
2] Startup laptop
3] Disconnect external monitor from docking station and connect to laptop.
4] Toggle the <Fn><F8> keys to select the external monitor mode
5] Going into <Display Properties, Settings> you should now see the full suite of display resolutions
6] Select the one you want and Apply
7] If in Step 5 you still did not see more resolutions, keep on toggling between "Laptop + External Display" and "External Display" modes, trying the Display Properies each time.  Sometimes it takes a few iterations, but it eventually works.
8] Once the higher resolution has been successfully selected, go into Standby on laptop
9] Redock laptop, reconnect monitor to docking station and power on again
10] Often, the resolution is back to its 1024x768 self on power up, but if you go into <Display Properties, Settings> again, you should have access to the higher resolutions
Hope it works for you.  Although far from ideal, it should allow you to use your monitor at its full potential, until Dell finds the fix, which I believe is linked to the Docking Station and not only the laptop.
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