Please Help: Small gray spot on my laptop screen (slow computer)

Hello. I have a Dell laptop/notebook Inspiron 1721 with a Generic Pnp monitor. A few days ago, this weird gray spot appeared on my computer screen. It's quite small, about the size of a speak of dirt, and I know it's probably a missing or dead pixel. Do you know of anything that can fix this without me having to replace anything? Cost is an issue for me so anything that can help this small problem without costing much would be a blessing. Hope you can help.

Note: My laptop/notebook is three years old and works fine other than the fact it's slow sometimes (I have may too much stuff on it). My display adapter, in case you need to know that, is ATI Radeon X1270 and my processor is AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-50 with 1.60 GHz.

If you have any suggestions for making my computer faster beside doing a defrag, disk clean-up, and uninstalling programs I don't use, let me know that as well. 

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Re: Please Help: Small gray spot on my laptop screen

Attach an external monitor - if the spot doesn't show, it's a panel problem - if it does, which is unlikely, it's a mainboard/chip issue.

No, there's no fix -  short of a replacement screen, or living with it.


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