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Dell Inspiron 5391 BIOS fails to download

I've recently bought an Inspiron 5391 and went to see what the Support Centre was, upon opening it I saw I needed to download new drivers one of which is the BIOS. However, each time I try to download the file it fails. I've got my computer plugged in as it requests but still nothing. Any ideas?

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Re: Dell Inspiron 5391 BIOS fails to download

Myself, I would run "Support Assist," and see what comes up to download for your specific 5391.  Also run "Intel driver and support Assist."   Bios, I would download Only if it references some kind of SECURITY.   Looooong story short.  BIOS change CAN effect  some hardware hardware not to function or can BRICK your laptop.  

You can google whether or not to update Driver BIOS.  Do at your own risk....basically.


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