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Dell Inspiron 7610 Touchpad Defective

I was given the Inspiron 16 Plus (i7-11800h, RTX 3060, 16gb RAM) as a gift before being stationed overseas for the US military, I am now at a base in the UK. Upon using the laptop I quickly found out that my unit was defective in multiple ways. These defects include the very common touchpad issue, the touchpad will work for about 2-5 minutes upon turning on the laptop and then finger tracking is completely jumbled and stutters. This problem exists even within Dell's Bios/UEFI menus and is clearly a faulty piece of hardware. I have been trying to resolve these issues with Dell Tech Support since November 21, the same month the laptop was purchased. Now that I am overseas I am told that I can't have these hardware issues resolved because I am no longer covered by the warranty which apparently is limited to the country the laptop was bought in (Would never recommend a military member to purchase a Dell product with this policy). I can't leave a review, I can't get ahold of technical support that has any clue of how to help me with my problem. Terribly disappointed in the quality of the laptop and more so with the helpfulness of Dell Support.

I made a similar post a month ago, the thermal issues I was previously having was a symptom of Intel Turbo Boost (or a system that is poorly optimized for Intel Turbo Boost). I wanted to make another post because it seems nearly impossible for me to get any support for this device that I paid $1500 for! I am going to need a valid solution sent as a reply to this forum and then a support team member can reach out to my privately. It's been nearly four months, more than enough time for me to decide that Dell has the worst support and quality assurance of any electronics company I have ever bought from. 

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Once again I am told to reach out to international support, I have tried to do so over 10 times. As I have said to Dell support since the problem has occurred: the support teams are not capable of helping - a support member who understands my issue needs to reach out to me.

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Unfortunately, I had to fix my problems myself. I had the same two problems. The overheating issue is caused by the junk thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. I repasted myself, and it brought down the temps by 25C.

The Touchpad has been a widespread problem since launch, and Dell has no fix for the issue. There is a DIY fix for it, but it absolutely will void your warranty, and involves soldering a ground wire from the touchpad PCB to the frame as shown in this post here. Please look at JackNis's  post on page 11 of that thread.

I did this 5 weeks ago and have had no problems since. There's also another fix with aluminum tape on the next page. I would try first to get a refund from Dell, you may have to jump through a few hoops with them, like taking a video of the cursor glitching out while in BIOS setup... and it will, because it's not a driver issue at all. Good luck, sir.



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I had the same problem. I manage to solve it in this way:

-Go to Intel Graphics Driver and disable ALL options related to battery saving, such as Panel Self Refresh.
-Shutdown and then boot the laptop again.

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