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Dell laptop crash if going to hibernation connected to WD19 or WD19TB


I own a Dell 7706 2in1 and some other Dell notebooks and mostly all crashs if connected to a Dell dock and going into hibernation. It is discussed also here and seems to be a general issue. Does anybody knows if Dell will solve it? It seems be there for a longer time and not related to my new Windows 11 installation.



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Seems to be solved with actual Bios 1.8 after a year now, but better late then never. My 7706 has no Standby issues anymore disconnected and also connected to a dock.

Thanks Dell for this important fix. 7706 is great now. Thinking about diabling BIOS updates from now...

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Can see ACPI 13 error in logs from EC controller. Does not looks right...

: Der eingebettete Controller (EC) hat nicht innerhalb des angegebenen Zeitlimits reagiert. Dies deutet auf einen Fehler in der EC-Hardware oder -Firmware hin bzw. darauf, dass das BIOS auf falsche Art auf den EC zugreift. Fragen Sie den Computerhersteller nach einem aktualisierten BIOS. Dieser Fehler kann in einigen Situationen zur Folge haben, dass der Computer fehlerhaft läuft.

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