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How do I file a complaint against Dell?

My Inspiron laptop is 6 months old and hasn't worked properly since I purchased it

The Dell technicians are useless.  In fact they have made things worse.  My case was elevated to a higher useless person who suggested I send in my laptop so they can work on it - that's a three week process.  To suggest that is stunning.  I use my laptop for work.  Should I just shut down my business for three weeks

I will NEVER buy another Dell computer again - and I urge anyone who reads this to avoid Dell.  Horrible conputer and horrible customer service.  

And you can't reach anyone in the US.  

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Re: How do I file a complaint against Dell?

Please explain the problems that you are having with your computer so the community can help.

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Re: How do I file a complaint against Dell?

If you can document your history with this notebook,  I would get my credit card provider to assist with a Refund

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