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Inspiron 5593 bluetooth suddenly not working

Good day everyone.

I have a problem with my Inspiron 5593, the bluetooth stops working from time to time.  It's running windows 10, all drivers, BIOS and OS updates have been installed but still the problem persists.   Reinstalling the driver would just simply fail and upon checking in the Device Manager it would appear as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)".

I recently had this serviced since it's under warranty, what they did was just reformat (sure enough I lost all my files and programs) and the problem was fixed temporarily and a couple of months later the bluetooth problem happened again.  It's the 4th time this happened in 4 months.

I'm really disappointed with this laptop considering that I chose Dell this time over HP when I made this purchase. I should have stuck with HP, I have an 11 year old HP which until now is not acting up.

Can anyone please suggest a fix for this.  Thanks in advance.   

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I have the same problem.  Windows 10 was restored from scratch, then the network card was replaced.  Now they want me to send it in for "repair" to replace the motherboard, and/or restore windows again so it can limp along and break again.  No, can't do that.  I think this is a simple communication problem and I don't need a motherboard to know that won't fix it either.  Anyway just wanted to share so you know you are not the only person with this problem.

I'll let you know how this is resolved if it is.

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Spoke with Dell Escalation team today.  They are sending a replacement laptop, so I will give it another shot.


I'm facing same problem from the last one month..  I hope your laptop is working fine now.

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If the firmware and other things like drivers are all updated according to the DELL SupportAssist then it means a few things and one of that is, The bluetooth card is physically compromised.


They replaced the network card without resolution.  Apparently it was a motherboard defect.  They sent me a new pc as an exchange and that resolved it.

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I read someplace that Dell has a good reputation for quality, less than 5% which is better than most.  But every manufacturer has some problems and you are part of the 5%, as I was.  After I refused to accept another "fix", I was referred to the escalation team and everything changed.  They were very reasonable and agreed to replace the laptop.  So the first line technicians are not allowed to make policy exceptions, but the escalation team views it differently and has the ability to work beyond strict policy guidelines.

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This is an ongoing issue with Qualcomm QCA9377 wifi/bluetooth adapters and is not limited to Dell.  I too have had the same problems on my Inspiron 15 (5593)..please see my post at: 

and the imbedded link therein.

Apparently there is only a fix yet.

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Here's a temporary solution I found somewhere if you want just to enable Bluetooth again.

  1. In Device Manager, uninstall the Bluetooth it will be labeled Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
  2. Disconnect power supply from laptop.
  3. Shutdown laptop for at least 5 mins.  Don't restart! No need to drain battery.
  4. Power on.
  5. Bob's your uncle. Your Bluetooth device is active again.
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Have had same issues using a Bluetooth mouse with my 5593. A Dell support person worked on it remotely for over a hour and finally got it working and blamed the mouse. This has been a notebook I wish that I had never purchased. It runs hot, which makes it throttle the CPU at times, the WiFi and Bluetooth issues as well as the flimsy chassis and poor screen quality even though its suppose to be a IPS quality screen. 

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