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SSD Upgrade for Inspiron 3543


Is it possible to upgrade hard drive to SSD for getting better performance. 

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Sorry @Ameya1 

But your model does not have that option.

The best you can do is a SATA 6 Gbps  2.5-in SSD.

Inspiron 15 3543 Specifications:



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You will want to download and read the service manual for this laptop to see how easy or difficult it is to access the hard drive.

With some laptops, it requires a partial disassembly.


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Welcome to the Dell Community  @Ameya1 

Yes you can upgrade to an SSD for better performance.

Dell Inspiron 15 (3543) compatible upgrades:

Inspiron 15 3543 Service Manual:

Only takes one screw to remove the base cover for HDD access.
Do you plan on doing a fresh Windows install???
Do you want to do an image of your original HDD???
Or do you want to install the original OS using Recovery Media???
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Yes, I will be installing fresh copy of original windows which was previously pre-installed on my system.

Also, I want to make the image of my HDD, but as HDD is totally dead, is it possible to recover it & then do the image??

What happens if fresh copy of windows is installed on new internal drive, do the license / with does key needs to be inputted while I stalling or by default it accepts pre-installed key from the motherboard??

Also I'm thinking to upgrade my OS from Home edition to Pro edition. Is it possible to install Windows 10 Pro edition directly OR Home edition should be installed Firstly & then should I upgrade it as I had preinstalled win 10 home edition from starting itself!! 


I would get the Windows Pro from Windows store and install directly to Pro.

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Since you previously had W10 Home installed  it is digitally signed in your BIOS.

You will need to install W10 Home then upgrade to W10 Pro.

When you say a "Fresh copy of the original Windows which was previously pre-installed"

Do you mean Dell's pre-installed W10 Home or an aftermarket version of Windows 10 Home???

Dell's W10 Home will come with all the added "BloatWare"

Where an aftermarket W10 will be a clean version.

You can purchase W10 Pro online then go to settings and change the "Product Key"

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  • @U2CAMEB4ME 1 thing regarding normal SSD & M 2.0 SSD. I'm not seeing that M 2.0 is compatible with this laptop Model or not rather than installing a normal SSD. As I'm thinking of installing M2. 0 SSD than normal one. 

Sorry @Ameya1 

But your model does not have that option.

The best you can do is a SATA 6 Gbps  2.5-in SSD.

Inspiron 15 3543 Specifications:



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For 3543 u can install 2 ssd but u will need to sacrifice the optical drive. M.2 is impossible coz no slot for it as i know. 

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