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“Your pc has run into a problem and needs to restart “

“Problem with dell inspiron 15 3567”

everytime I connect an HDMI or put any device in my USB port, a blue screen appears and says “your pc has run  into a problem and needs to restart” , and after it restarts, the process repeats until I remove the device from the port

How do I fix this problem?


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The stop code(s) and stack info saved from the crashes likely contain clues. You can retrieve them with this utility.

You can run the system diagnostics from the pre-boot menus (reboot and press F12 repeatedly when the DELL logo appears) to see if there's a hardware problem. It may also help to perform a "repair install," retaining your apps, files, and settings, to restore your Windows installation to a pristine condition. (The article references Windows 10, but if you're running Windows 11 just substitute 11 instead.)

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Were any hardware or software changes made?

Did you run diagnostics on the computer?

Try thr following steps which can resolve the issue:

Method 1:

Go to Start menu
All Apps
Search for Command Prompt.
Run command prompt as an Administrator.

If the Problem persists, then try the other method

Method 2:

Go to Computer Properties
Advance system properties.

Click on Advance Tab.
Click on Start up and Recovery “Settings”
Now you all can see a portion of dialogue box saying “System Failure”
Uncheck “Automatically Restart”
In “Write Debugging information” Select “Complete Memory Dump” from the drop down menu.
And Click on Apply and Ok It may say you all to restart.
Restart your Pc.


Thanks, it helps. I have made a hardware change and my inspiron laptop has the same problem, it got solved through this thread. Thanks a lot. 

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