Integrated Data Protection Appliance(IDPA/PPDP)

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Table of Contents:

  • Recommended Code
  • Apache Log4j Security Vulnerability
    • About Apache Log4j Security Vulnerability
    • Impact and Resolution plan for Dell Technologies’ Products
  • PowerProtect Data Domain OS Security Hardening
  • End Of Standard Support (EOSS)
  • PowerProtect DP Series 2.7.2
    • New features and enhancements included with PowerProtect DP Series 2.7.2
    • Current Shipping Releases
    • Latest PowerEdge FW Block Information
  • SRS customers using EOSL versions will lose connectivity in October 2022
  • PowerProtect Cyber Recovery: Jobs May Fail
  • PowerProtect Cyber Recovery: Time changes may cause schedule issues
  • PowerProtect DP Rapid Upgrade Checker Tool
  • Upgrade to PowerProtect DP 2.7 and AVE_SCALE Tool
  • Renewing VMware Security Certificates (STS, Machine SSL, VMCA Root and solution user) in VCSA 6.5 and 6.7 - Utility "vc-certificate-refresher"
  • Product naming conventions and terminology changes
  • Knowledge Base articles created / updated in the previous 90 days
  • Knowledge Base articles referenced often in the previous 90 days
  • Videos for PowerProtect DP Series / IDPA Appliances posted recently
  • Videos for PowerProtect DP Series / IDPA Appliances frequently referenced
  • List of the recent DSA’s impacting PowerProtect DP / IDPA Appliances
  • List of the recent DTA’s impacting PowerProtect DP / IDPA Appliances

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