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Isilon cloudpools and Azure

Hi there,

I can't find any architectural guides on Cloudpools specifically with Azure, I'm trying to price up some blob storage and I don't know if I can use the cool tier or if it needs to be hot.

I'm leaning towards hot but I would like confirmation.

Many thanks,


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Re: Isilon cloudpools and Azure

HI edhoward1,

According to the OneFS 8.0.1 Web Admin Guide https://support.emc.com/docu79793, all that is needed for Azure is the URI and passkey created by Microsoft. I don't believe that Isilon requires hot over cool tiers. In regards to cloudpools, it doesn't matter how frequently the data is accessed on the Isilon side. As long as either option provides the requested URI and passkey, I wouldn't think you would have an issue.

Microsoft Azure

You can configure CloudPools to store data on Microsoft Azure, a public cloud provider

When you first establish an account with Microsoft Azure, you create a user name, and

Microsoft provides you with a URI and a passkey. When you configure CloudPools to use

Azure, you must specify the same URI, username and passkey.

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Re: Isilon cloudpools and Azure

usually you use cloudpools to have a cheap tier for cold or frozen data. The access to this tier should be very seldom anyway. and no performance thoughts should come into place if someone has to use files hosted in this tier. So take the cheapest you can get.

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Re: Isilon cloudpools and Azure

Sounds to me that a 'General Purpose' storage account is required and not the 'Block Blob', as you can't specify an access tier.

Would be good to get official confirmation but I'm happy enough for now.


Re: Isilon cloudpools and Azure


To build isilon to Azure we have two scenarios

1- Using cloud pools it will do archiving for inactive data.

2- Using Isilon Software edition and this will require building VMware infrastructure on azure and install Isilon Software edition that will avail 32 TB of shared capacity. and then we will use Isilon SyncIQ to replicate between onprim Isilon to Azure Isilon software edition and if required more capacity we will require to create cascaded isilon software edition.

Note: SyncIQ needs license..

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