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Activating Microsoft Office with Windows 7 on Inspiron 15R

Hi Everyone:

Just purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 from Costco using OS Windows 7. I Imported Microsoft Word files from a Sony VAIO that used OS Windows XP Service Pack 1, 2, or 3. When I tried to open the Word files on the Inspiron a window popped up stating that I must purchase or activate Office. Office is listed as present in the all programs list. If I try 'associating' the imported word files with Word Pad it does not work. There are no directions/documentation to show me how to activate Office  resident on the Inspiron hard drive.  Anyone else having this difficulty? Thank you in advance


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Dell-Jyotpal F
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RE: Activating Microsoft Office with Windows 7 on Inspiron 15R

Hi Allears1,

Have you purchased Microsoft Office while purchasing the laptop from Costco? If yes, then you would have got a Microsoft Product Identifier card with the 25 digit product key on it. You can then enter the product key to activate office on the computer.

If not, then Windows 7 comes with a free Office 2010 starter edition that has Word and Excel with limited functionality and is free of cost. To use the starter version, click on start and then All Programs. Navigate to Office and click on it. A window will open up like the one below:

If you have purchased office and have the product key, use the Activate button and continue with installation. If you do not have the product key or have not purchased office, then use the last option of Office Starter 2010 and continue with the installation.

If you have purchased Office 2013, then please click here to go to the website and enter the product key to install it. You will have to register with Microsoft once for Installing the 2013 version.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards,
Jyotpal F
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Mary G
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RE: Activating Microsoft Office with Windows 7 on Inspiron 15R

You can download the Word Viewer from Office downloads to view--but not edit--Word files if that is all you need.

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