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Dell Inspiron Duo Mini And Dell GPS Card DW710

GPS Card Broadcom DW710 is not resived GPS signals (or not send NMEA 0183 sentences) 

My DELL Inspiron Duo have GPS Card. Now on laptop is installed Windows 10, 64 bytes. All drivers installed correct. For GPS  I Install next drivers:




After install, all equipmet working properly:

But, after use location service, available wifi position only!!!!

I try locate GPS signals at OPEN place (not in building and not NEAR building(s)!!! ). I made test of GPS card, result:

All processes GPS card in memory:

I run TcpView, and check all operations read-write, result:

GPSCT.EXE open port,  and SEND to it BYTES continuesly.

XPSCONTROLPANEL.EXE open TWO ports. In first SEND bytes, from second RECIVE bytes.

XPSSVC.EXE open TWO ports and RESIVE bytes from both ports.

Finaly: any time I unable recive physical GPS signals and locate position by GPS. Its able only by WI-FI signals. What is? I quest DELL SPECIALIST: it my mistake or it DELL mistake? 

P.S. I read "www.dell.com/.../en;l=en&s=bsd&cs=04"  and made all necessary. Every day I use external USB GPS  BU-353. But i want use internal GPS. 

P.S.2. GPS is not worked since the beginning of the purchase. Any OS: Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10.


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