Dell Studio 1558 - broken plastic around hinges. Replaced power button- boots to splash screen then shuts off

I have a Dell Studioo 1558. I replaced the keyboard on the laptop about 2 years ago and accidently cracked the plastic around the hinges. The other day the laptop was dropped on one side and the plastic around the hinges completly broke off revealing the metal hinges.

The power button broke on the button side only (not on the motherboard). I removed the cable from the motherboard undamaged and replaced the power button with a new power button.

I replaced everything and turned on the computer however the computer at first acted like it didn't want to turn on. The backlit keyboard was flashing like it was grounded out.

I moved the screen a bit and now it will turn on for a second and then cut off depending on where the screen is positioned. 90% of the time when I move the screen the lights blink and nothing turns on but every once in a while it will stay lit and boot to the Dell Splash screen but then quickly turns off.

I tightend the hinges a bit and now the laptop will always turn on but never beyond the Dell splash screen.

Any ideas on why it suddenly cuts off everytime? It's almost like the power button is is being held down to force the computer to shut down but the button works great.

Any help would be awesome.


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