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Dell laptop and dock does not automatically sleep when removing laptop from dock

Hi there I have a Lattitude e7470 and i am trying to use it with a Dell E-Port Replicator K07A

The system works OK except for this one scenario.

Laptop is docked and closed and i am working on it. I go to undock the laptop to take it with me somewhere and it does not go to sleep. The power policy says that if the lid is closed and the laptop is on battery then it should go to sleep. Whats going on?

If i undock and immediately open and then close the lid it behaves as expected. Obviously for my user, this is not ideal. he just wants to be able to pick up the laptop and go (having it sleep or hibernate when removed from the dock)

How do i force it to go to sleep when i remove it from the dock? there has to be a way. Laptop is windows 10.

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