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Did I kill my DELL battery?

My DELL M1710 XPS *Enthusiast* is almost always on external power so I use the battery just as "uninterruptible power supply".

Now I discovered that when I unplug the external power the battery it goes from 100% down to 7% within minutes(!)

Is this normal? I also using an old DELL Latitude C810 which is also almost the time on external power the battery works for 1-2 hours(!). So I am confused that my "modern" XPS laptops battery behaves that way ...

--Harald-René Flasch (aka hfrmobile)

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Re: Did I kill my DELL battery?

Most newer machines get hot. Heat kills the battery.  Staying at 100 percent charge also degrades the battery over time.

Storage in a cool dry place at 50 to 80 percent charge is one way to extend the life of the battery.

The maximum capacity of all rechargeable batteries fades with time depending on the applications and usage patterns. This is considered normal; therefore, a change in battery capacity is not covered under warranty. Your battery is only warranted from defects in materials or workmanship resulting in failures. Battery life is not warranted and will vary depending on product configuration and usage. These include, but not limited to, applications running, power management settings, and product models and features.

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Re: Did I kill my DELL battery?

If you keep the battery plugged into the machine it should not make the battery life shorter in any way, The Dell systems are designed this way I well at least my Studio 1558 is.

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