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Disappointed in the Inspiron 17r

On Nov 24, 2012 my husband and I bought a Inspiron 17r and in exactly 63 days the whole system crashed.  I contacted the Dell Support , in India and the sad part is there is not one here in the US.  how sad is that.  the only nice people in India that I talked to were the tech's that fixed my computer which took 5 days and numerous phone calls on my part .  I am so disappointed in this computer and the service that I wish I never bought it.  My toaster has a longer warranty than this computer, my toaster was made in the US to bad this computer wasn't along with the support system. 

Dell you are a disappointment-your product has not gotten better, I spent a lot of money to get this computer, along with having to pay $100 to get the new 2010 version and that is lost because of my computer crashing and my warranty is dead in less than 30 days. 

If I could do this over I would never have bought this computer, I would have purchased something more reliable.  But now I am stuck with this computer until it crashes again and when that happens it will end up in the trash and I will go buy a better computer.

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Re: Disappointed in the Inspiron 17r

Hi EMK56,

Thank you for posting your comments and bringing your concerns to our attention. You have posted your concerns on the NON technical Customer Care board. I am moving your post to the Laptop forum for assistance.



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