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Does changing hard drive to SSD break warranty?

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I have purchased my Dell Vostro 15 5000 laptop a couple days ago. And I have my own SSD driver, which was not bought from Dell. So, I would like to ask if I can go to any service center and ask them to replace it without my warranty being broken? Also, I understand that there will be no more warranty for the replaced hard driver.

If yes, can I even do it for myself? Of course, I take all responsibilities for a possible damage. It is necessary for me to know because, probably, I will be able to add an additional RAM unit to it.

If no, can you suggest me a place where I can do it officially in Czech Republic (the laptop was bought here) or Austria, I mean with keeping my warranty? 

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RE: Does changing hard drive to SSD break warranty?

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Swapping hardware will not void your warranty, but as you say, the parts you install would not be covered by the system warranty, and any damage caused by the installation or by the hardware you install (unlikely to be an issue in this case) would also not be covered by the warranty.  You'll be fine.  I've installed SSD upgrades on several systems both for myself and friends, and none of us has ever had any problems getting warranty service on other unrelated components when needed.

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