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Inspiron 7567 4k edition windows animation lag!


This is by far the worst experience with computers I have had. I work in IT section and I have quite decent knowledge of hardware and software but this problem has had me thinking if I am stupid or dont have no knowledge.

My problem is that i have brand new Dell Inspiron 7567 4K edition.

i7-7700HQ(HD 630), GTX 1050Ti, 8GB DDR4, SSD 128 and 1TB HDD, Windows 10.

* Thing is that when I browse web(chrome, opera, IE, Edge) the scrolling is laggy/choppy.

* Moving explorer windows fast.

* Scroll in Spotify for example.

* Right click menu for example on desktop takes second or two to show up without the usual animation. Just pops up with delay.

The list goes on and on...

Playing games so far is fine. I get what I expected for this money and graphics chip (GTX 1050Ti).

My problem here is that all the drivers from dell and even from Intel wont fix the problem when im using the native 4K resolution on desktop... which is weird because the google is full of these kind of problems that people are having with the same exact model (7567 4K edition).

Is there a Dell representative here that could tell me what can I do because clearly it does not seem to be a hardware issue. How long do I have to wait for new drivers to come out which could fix the problem here?

When I change the resolution to 1080p ... its fine. Scrolling and moving windows are butter smooth but the 4K resolution is god awful.

I think Dell would have tested their laptop before the released it to the public and retailers.

Please Dell help me because I have had this laptop for 2 weeks and nothing has changed after endless testing new drivers and settings.

I have changed from Dell drivers to Intel own drivers, nothing... I have no CPU overheating or throttling... battery settings is set to high performance... i disabled the indexing for SSD... disabled search service aswell...

Please HELP!

PS. sorry for bad english. Not a native english speaker.

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RE: Inspiron 7567 4k edition windows animation lag!


Dell has a new support assist that can optimize your system and correct any issues it finds. The option to do this is called Optimize My Computer. Click the links below for installing support assist and running the Optimize section.

Dell SupportAssist for PCs and tablets

Dell Support Assist Videos

Start at the top video and continue through Optimize My Computer Video.

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RE: Inspiron 7567 4k edition windows animation lag!

Did this help at all?

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RE: Inspiron 7567 4k edition windows animation lag!

I have the same laptop (4k 512gb SSD version) and I have the exact same problem. Did you manage to solve it?

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