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Installed Dell Drivers for Graphics Card - Code 43 error

Dear Team,

I have bought a Dell Inspiron N5110
recently in Feb 2012, with following specifications:

  • i7 processor, 750 GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 1GB NVidia GT525M Graphics Card

It has Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.

I installed Intel Graphics driver and the nvidia graphics driver version given along with the
laptop. (Version 268.30)

After installation in my
Device manager there are two graphic cards shown:

1) Intel HD Graphics Family 2) NVIDIA GeForce GT 525 M

Sadly, the NVIDIA GeForce shows as Code 43 error stating "Windows has
stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" in Device

When i tried opening the NVIDIA control panel
it says "You are currently not using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU".

Then I installed Call of Duty - MW3 Game and the performance of the game is absolutely pathetic.

I visited nvidia website and searched for graphics driver updates and found the newer version (296.10).

I downloaded and installed it. This time the Code 43 error didn't happen and the control panel also is working.

But after installing new driver, I tried playing the game again and this time the system gave the BSOD error. I tried changing the settings so that my game takes only the NVIDIA processor but still it gave BSOD error while modifying the settings in NVIDIA control panel.

Then i tried the following combinations and none worked:

1) Intel Graphics + NVIDIA old version - Code 43 error
2) Intel Graphics + NVIDIA new version - BSOD error
3) Intel Graphics Disabled + NVIDIA any version - Bad graphics with 800 X600 resolution. Game didnt even start.
4) Intel Graphics uninstalled + NVIDIA any version - Bad graphics with 800 X600 resolution. Game didnt even start.

Even my HD movies/half HD movies in my laptop stutter sometimes and I have no clue why it happens.

My Laptop is still under warranty and I would like to know what should be the solution for my problem.

Request kind help from the forum members and Admins.

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: Installed Dell Drivers for Graphics Card - Code 43 error


This could be one of three things, Windows corruption, video driver corruption, or a defective GPU.  Troubleshooting, you try to completely remove the drivers from Windows and clean reinstall them.  If that failed you really have two choices, reinstall Windows or replace the video card.  Unfortunately, you will either have to reinstall Windows to determine if the video card is works correctly, or replace the GPU and see if the problem continues.

The first step though is to clean reinstall the drivers.  There are two GPUs on the N5110, the Intel and the nVidia and you really have to work with both cards.   Download and save the following drivers.  Just save them, don’t run them yet.

Intel HD driver


nVidia GT  525M driver


Just save them to the desktop.  Once they are downloaded click on start, control panel and programs and features.  Look for the Intel HD and nVidia software there and uninstall it from the notebook.  Once the drivers have been removed restart the notebook.

Start tapping the F8 k while the notebook restarts.  Choose Low Resolution Mode from the menu and log into Windows.   Once in Windows install the Intel HD driver and restart, returning back to Low Resolution mode.   Install the nVidia driver and restart.

See if you continue getting the code 43 errors.  If this fails to help then I suggest reinstalling Windows. The following link details the different methods for reimaging the drive.   I suggest backing up any personal data.  If your system has Dell Datasafe local you can use that to create backups.   If you don’t have Dell Datasafe, back up to a CD or DVD, or an external hard drive.  Use either Datasafe or PC restore to reimage the drive.  


If the problem continues after reimaging the system then we know for sure that he GPU is defective and will need to be replaced.


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Re: Installed Dell Drivers for Graphics Card - Code 43 error

Hi Terry,

1) I have followed the exact same method you have mentioned to install the drivers and it still shows code 43 error.

2) I already tried installing Windows twice and its still the same.

So request your expert advice on my problem.

If it is a problem related to my GPU, then request you to kindly guide me about how to proceed with the replacement.



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RE: Installed Dell Drivers for Graphics Card - Code 43 error

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 and I was having this same error message and my HDMI out was not working. I solved the issue by uninstalling an old outdated USB driver that I had downloaded years ago. 

You should scour your applications and flush out old 3rd party display drivers. 

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RE: Installed Dell Drivers for Graphics Card - Code 43 error

I had that error for my webcam on dell inspiron 1545, i solve the problem by removing battery and plug it back in one minute later.