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Laptop blank screen and cursor only after upgrade

My laptop did an automatic upgrade yesterday.  Once it had all finished, I logged out and closed it down.  I later logged on and everything was fine.  Last night I started my laptop again and I just had a blank screen and the cursor.  Nothing else came up at all.  I turned it off and tried it again this morning.  Nothing comes up at all.  It is an Inspiron 17 laptop with Windows 8.  Basically I can't do anything on it at all right now.  Can anyone help please?  Thank you.

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RE: Laptop blank screen and cursor only after upgrade

Hi Skippy51,

Please perform the steps mentioned below for issue resolution.

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard while on the black screen

2. Opens the Lock screen

3.Select Task manager  and Click on More details on bottom left corner of the task manager Window to see the Menu Bar and File option, Click on File and Click New task  and type in Appwiz.cpl to open up the add/ remove programs

. In case the task manager does not come up Skip to Next Step

4. Restart the machine and go back to the User login screen then Hold down the Shift key and click on the power button at the bottom right hand corner and click on Restart while holding down the key

5. You will see the recovery options, let the Shift key go, then you can choose to see advanced repair options Troubleshoot select Advanced Options Windows Startup Settings Finally hit the Restart button highlight the safe mode with networking and hit enter

6. In the Add/ remove programs , look for “Search protect” and uninstall the software and go to the IE Settings and change the home page from Search protect to the one that the customer had earlier  and Reboot the PC to confirm Resolution.

Please let me know if this helps.