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Mount a Latitude 7450 SSD to another computer via USB

My wife's Latitude 7450 stopped charging. Some kind of short kills the power adapter when I plug it in.

That's not really my problem though. I'm trying to retrieve some files off the SSD. so  I pulled the disk and am trying to mount it to another computer using my handy SATA to USB adapter.

Disk Management in Windows 10 is seeing an Unknown/Uninitialized disk and is wanting me to initialize and format the disk. I know the USB adapter is good, because I mounted a different HDD with no problem.

My question is this:

Is the SSD encrypted (I don't know the origins of the laptop build)? Is that why the Windows 10 computer I'm using see the disk as uninitialized?


Is my SATA to USB adapter or Windows not familiar with the SSD interface? Take a look at the picture below. The SSD has this weird hardware adapter.

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RE: Mount a Latitude 7450 SSD to another computer via USB

Could be either - but an encrypted drive is a strong possibility.  If it's encrypted, and there's no backup of the data on the drive, it's very possible you'll never see the data on the drive again.

It looks like your adapter should be able to handle the mSATA drive with no problem on the hardware level.

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RE: Mount a Latitude 7450 SSD to another computer via USB

That's an mSATA adapter.  Given that the disk appears at all in Disk Management, it's very unlikely that adapter isn't the issue.  The only time you might see behavior like that caused by a hardware issue is if your SATA adapter implemented an old hack to support drives larger than 2TB on Windows XP, but that wouldn't apply for drives smaller than 2TB anyway, so it's not worth getting into here.

Did your wife enable a hard drive password in the BIOS of her dead system?  If so and the SSD supported hardware encryption, that would have enabled it -- and even if it didn't support actual encryption, an ATA password would block access to the data without some more elaborate methods.  There may be some utilities out there that know how to feed the ATA password to the drive without it needing to be installed internally into a system that supports hard drive passwords, but I haven't looked.

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