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My solution to the hinge problem (no Dell help obv.)

Hi there, maybe this will help. I ended up buying a new top and bottom frame because of the crack and broken screw socket inside. I untighened the horizontal screen bolt on each side right next to the hinge AND poured some Epoxy glue around every screw socket close to the hinges inside the frame. Then reinstalled the motherboard and everything else.

I spend about 70 USD for all the parts an glue and about 3 hours of work. Worth it, I'm still using this laptop and it works like a charm.

Moral of the story: Always open a brand new laptop to loosen the screen bolts (and maybe pour epoxy to add strenght to the frame.) If you don't want  to buy a new laptop every 18 months. Cause Dell will NOT help you with this kind of issues.

I think most laptop are designed to break like this after the waranty is over... funny isn't it?

This is a link for the top part : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-for-DELL-INSPIRON-15-5547-5548-5545-Upper-Case-PALMREST-0K1M13-K1M13-/32...

And the bottom : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-Genuine-DELL-INSPIRON-5545-BASE-06WV6-006WV6-/111941217946?nma=true&...

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