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New XPS 13 9360 Touchscreen continually touching/ghost clicks in the bottom right of screen

Hi all,

I just opened my brand new xps 9360 today, i7, 512gb, qhd touchscreen version.

When I first started it up, everything seemed fine until the second or third windows screen during set up. After that my mouse disappeared and the touch screen was continually being touched near the bottom right of the screen despite me not touching it at all. Once I got into windows, I somehow managed to disable it in device manager and the touchpad started working again (using a USB mouse and patience).

Since then I have updated windows as much as it wants to do and updated the BIOS and dell update says everything is up to date.

I have manually downloaded and installed the Bios update to 1.3.2. Went to re-enable to touchscreen and for a few glorious minutes I thought it had fixed! But nope 😞 phantom touches are back when I enable the touchscreen in device manager. Completely unable to use it at all with continuous touches mainly centred in bottom right but going up and down. I have tried the let windows find updates for the drivers, but it says they are all installed. I have also tried (before updating the bios) uninstalling the driver all together, but after a few minutes it comes back enabled and continued to do the touches.

Sooooooooooooo, is there any hope? Or is this a hardware issue? Anything more I can try for to fix this?! (manufactured 22/12/16 in the bios)